Dear PBS Modular:  I wanted to update you on the PBS modular home I purchased this past year.  I am working with H and H Homebuilders in Sylva, NC, and their suggestion to choose your company for my modular home was absolutely the best decision.  Although delays with subcontractors put a bit behind in schedule, the home should be completed this month, and I cannot tell you how very much I am looking forward to being in it.    I am attaching a photo of the home as it sits currently.  It is the Aspen model, and was modified to delete the sliding doors and have a double window/front half window door instead.  It sits on a permanent block foundation, which is laid to the ‘lay of the land’.   Please know that I appreciate the craftsmanship and features provided by PBS Modular.  They are extraordinary.    Thank you for such a beautiful home.   Sarah from NC

Carol LaRosa

Joe, after six years of trials ( literal and figurative) with a prior contractor, and after multiple false starts, a home now sits on what was a forlorn hole in the ground. When I walk through the house, I am amazed and delighted…the high ceilings, the beautiful cabinets, the spacious bathroom all fill me with joy. and every time I wonder whether there is a light fixture or electrical outlet where I need it, I am pleasantly surprised that my needs have been anticipated. Professional Building Systems was so easy to work with, as I worked through the issues of layout and size for the house. I really appreciate the attention to detail in the design, and the workmanship in the finished product is gratifying to see. Please thank them for all their efforts on my behalf! It will be another month before I move in, and I look forward to having you as a guest to see how this project has turned out. Rather than the 1926 ramshackle house that stood on this lot, there is now a graceful, energy efficient, snug home that will take care of me safely as I move into my retirement years. Thank you, […]
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