Videos/Virtual Tours

Videos/Virtual Tours

Completed Home-Set to Finish

Here is a wonderful video that show a house being set and then gives you a tour of the completed home.

Seaside Set

From empty pilings to a gorgeous two-story home in just a few hours…

PBS Modular teams up with Orens Brothers – Diamond Green Project

PBS Modular teams up with Orens Brothers Real Estate to build 116 modules for the Diamond Green Project Professional Building Systems Inc. recently had the opportunity to help in the revitalization efforts of the Diamond Green Project in Philadelphia, PA. Consisting of 116 modules, the corner of 10th and Diamond Streets is now home to a five-story structure with retail and restaurants on the first floor and 350 beds in 92 furnished units on the floors above. Utilizing modular construction allowed Orens Brother Real Estate to vastly increase their ability to construct this large scale project in a much shorter amount of time than the traditional means of construction.
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