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Why Choose Professional Building Systems?

Why Choose Professional Building Systems?


Established in 2000, Professional Building Systems, Inc. (“PBS”) is a leading manufacturer of modular structures, offering a wide variety of high-quality, custom built products. We market, design, engineer, manufacture, and service customized modular structures for the multi-family, adult living, hospitality, education, single-family, and light commercial markets.

  • Manufacturing Capacity
    PBS has approximately 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, comprised of two facilities located within one mile of each other, in Middleburg, PA. PBS produces over 1,000 living units each year, with an average of 60 modular sections (40,000 square feet of structure) per week.
  • Experienced Management Team
    The management team at PBS is comprised of individuals with 20 to 30 years of experience in the modular industry. These seasoned veterans have experienced and lead the evolution of the modular industry from simple rectangular homes to extreme customized structures.
  • Sales Personnel
    The sales staff at PBS has a working average of 20 years’ experience in the modular construction and engineering fields, they are extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the industry practices.
  • Engineering
    Our engineering team is exemplary in keeping up with the constant changes in technology, design, and code requirements. They work closely with the sales and production teams to ensure the quality and design of each project meets the expectations of our builders and their clients.
  • Staff
    Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, PBS currently employs over 365 professionals who have evolved from a strong work ethic and take pride in a job well done. Their many years of experience, hard work and dedication is displayed through the quality and craftsmanship in the products they produce.
  • New Technologies
    PBS is a leader in new construction technologies, with experience in sprinkler and HVAC design, structural insulated panels (“SIPs”), solar technology, and both open and closed-cell insulation. PBS has incorporated some of these different technologies into the building of the Penn State House for the Modular Decathlon, held in Washington, DC. The entrants competed in demonstrating new energy-saving technologies. We are proud to report that The Penn State House produced more solar energy than it used, returning a net amount of electrical energy to the grid.
  • Quality Assurance
    PBS employs a strict quality control process throughout the production phase of each module. In addition to PBS’s quality control team, a third-party engineering company also makes periodic inspections in the factory to ensure that the modules comply with the approved stamped plans. The inspection and approval by the third-party agency is evidenced by a label placed in each module for observation by the local code inspector.
  • Quality Materials
    We produce your customized structure with a wide variety of top quality, name brand materials.
  • Multi-family Specialists
    Approximately 30% of the production at PBS is comprised of multi-family structures.
  • Commercial Structures
    Quality, cost and speed of construction has many builders, developers, and architects looking to PBS to produce their commercial modular structures such as apartment buildings, motels, offices, college dormitories, condominiums, assisted living facilities, and schools.
  • Cost
    Our modules are constructed faster and built in a controlled environment keeping our prices competitive to others in the construction industry. The cost savings to you are incurred through production efficiency and bulk purchasing of the construction materials.
  • Location
    PBS is located within 25 miles of I-80 and is geographically positioned to allow for easy distribution to builders throughout the Eastern United States.
  • Transportation
    Having our own fleet of trucks allows the transportation team at PBS the flexibility to work with you in scheduling delivery of the modules in the most convenient time frame possible.
  • Green Building
    PBS offers Green, Energy Efficient, Certified High Performance Build packages, click pbs-high-performance-build for more information. The manufacturing process at PBS is also designed to produce an environmentally-friendly product while keeping product waste at a minimum.
  • Service
    PBS continues to stand behind its products and offers superior service, while maintaining a loyal builder base.

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Professional Building Systems, Inc. was founded in April of 2000 and has grown to become one of the largest modular manufacturers on the east coast. PBS produces over 1,000 living units per year, including ranch, cape, and two-story homes as well as apartments, dormitories, schools, and other light commercial structures.



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