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Modular Advantages /

Shelf and Mirror installation

OSB backer boards installed behind drywall for Shelf and Mirror installation providing a secure area for fastening.

Stronger Seams

Horizontal drywall seams are reinforced with excess drywall cutoffs and drywall mud to ensure stronger seams.

Structural Rigidity

Corners and Perpendicular intersections of walls are lagged into place using 1/4” lags for additional structural rigidity.

Sturdier Walls

Walls are initially placed and fastened with nails before being screwed for a final extra sturdy connection.

Sealed Wall to Flooring

A foam strip is inserted between the exterior wall and the floor system to ensure an airtight seal.

Energy Efficient Foam

Spray foam is used on the exterior side of electrical boxes installed in exterior walls to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Better HVAC Seal

Floor Boots for HVAC sealed to the floor using Shurtape to ensure an air tight seal.

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