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Modular Advantages /

Added Structural Integrity

Exterior wall sheathing extends over the floor and ceiling perimeter bands adding more strength and integrity.

Batt Insulation & DOW Exterior Rigid Foam Insulation

To ensure energy efficiency, spray foam insulation is installed to seal all exterior wall receptacle outlets, a batt insulation fills the exterior wall cavities and DOW Rigid […]

Clean Sub Floor System

OSB & Plywood sub floors are covered with a protective plastic during the production process to ensure a clean sub floor system for the installation of […]

Foam Gaskets

A foam gasket material is installed on one side of each marriage wall to ensure an air tight seal when erecting the units on the foundation.

No Nail Pops

Ceiling drywall is adhered using state of the art spray adhesive instead of standard fasteners to eliminate the possibility of nail pops once a structure […]

Door & Window Wrap

A door and window flashing is used after installation to seal against water and air penetration.

Spray Foam

Spray Foam is applied to all exterior framing penetrations to ensure a more air tight home.

Extra Blocking

Additional blocking is installed behind the drywall for secure fastening of wall and base cabinets.

Electrical Boxes Blocking

Blocking installed behind drywall for all electrical boxes to provide extra support.

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